Friday, June 28, 2019

Something disturbing

Touched by the hand of Vlad: two warmly indifferent robotic psychos rub against each other and any kind of human sparks fail to fly. 
A fine day at the G20: Yes there's something disturbing about these two robotic waxworks, photographed at a gathering of other robotic waxworks (I await proof and a suitably lurid non-fictional reveal). How leaders ever come to be leaders intrigues me, why they choose that path, how they'll twist and turn in their beliefs, how  they'll manicure the truth and massage the facts, how they'll ignore discomforting issues or spin success and bask in reflected credit, how they'll corrupt and how they'll lie. Looking at the wider world these elite specimens seem to be more lizard like than human, I can't criticize those crazy observers who see reptiles beneath their pallid skins. All power is tyranny. Crazy is as crazy does.

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