Thursday, November 07, 2019

We're all going somewhere

Unless you're a flat earth YouTuber kind of person or feel you're trapped in some dystopian matrix world then you have to reconcile yourself to the fact (?) that we're all on a messed up rocky sphere spinning around a potentially highly volatile giant nuclear reactor that is currently doing just enough to keep us all warm and lit up for at least twelve hours a day. Even in this unsteady state it's not unusual for humans to spread themselves out across this planetary body and explore. We all have an innate nomadic sense, our knees feel shaky and our feet itchy, in our history we've never stopped moving. We follow the path of the sun even on cloudy days, a bit like that lost tribe in the Old Testament who went on to become bankers and diamond merchants.

Soon we're (this us not all of you) moving, uprooting and evolving, searching for a fresh herd of mammoths, a warm cave, rich pickings, hoping to see the other side of the great plains. All the things that might exist within the EH Postcode area. Our tiny invasion is already underway, first we took the cafes, then we take the bins. The rodents here have driven us out and already the fresh new rats of a new kingdom are ready to receive us. Graceland has opened her gates, Elvis has duly left and we will try to blend into a strange and vibrant  community that doesn't really need us. Already we are challenging the refuse collection regimes, the parking plans and various unwritten environmental regulations and dodgy practices (except for the doctors'). Welcome home.

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