Thursday, May 18, 2023

Free Stuff

Slowly sinking in a sea of ... : When you don't own things you can't really complain about the service. I regularly use "free" tools on line, I provide little feedback, I just use the program and move on. Music, AI, videos, searches, news, artwork, open source alternatives; it doesn't really matter to me. I don't expect much from the provider, if I'm unhappy I'll change. 

Maybe some ownership and a sense of belonging would be better, not sure how to graduate towards that. I'm too mean and used to free stuff and we've all seen how services rise and fall, come and go. Loyalty isn't encouraged. There'll be another one along in a bit ... I suppose. 

Free is OK, good for a while but we take it for granted, click past the ads, ignore the messages, refuse to join up and avoid being stung. So if they pull the plug, change the algorithm or switch around the tools or format you'd better suck it up or just roll on elsewhere. It's evolution but not as we know it. (Turns out Google Photos just wants your money not your precious content, imagine that).

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