Friday, January 31, 2014

Hard life in Fife

True but sad: Taking a whizz at the local ASDA/TESCO/ALDI/MORRI - emporium, a guy a little older than me rocks at at the next urinal and moans, "ah son (?) this prostrate o' mine, I pee all the time and my mate's goat the same thing and canna' pee ataw. Five years ago I wuz diggin' gardens, now I can hardly walk." He turns and exits grunting a bit more and avoiding the hand wash. A true Fifer and no doubt one who has partaken of a little too much of the sugarelli water, Embassy Regal and late night deep fried pizza snacks. I cannot easily allow this behaviour to continue but it will (judging by contents of the baskets and trolleys at the checkout), so back to Fife Diet evangelism and normal hypocrite mode then. More anti-Tesco pro-Fife stuff here.

Sad but true:

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