Friday, January 10, 2014

Tony Macaroni v Lego v Mystery

Food: I can't quite understand why the staff in Tony Macaroni's insist in pretending that they are Italian when they are really from Cowdenbeath or Poland. Maybe that's the best way to get an Equity Card these days when the Edinburgh Fringe is asleep and the pubs are empty. Maybe they've spent too much time cleaning the toilets where a loop of Parliamo Italia plays constantly, perhaps it's in the small print of the zero hours contract or perhaps the Scottish/English dialect is just breaking down into some pan European kind of jumble that is triggered by nearby food and national colours. The burger was pretty big and pretty tasty though and I heard good things said about the steak from the other side of the table.

Rock'nRoll: Lego albums covers, Roxy Music's "Country Life", Led Zep's "Houses of the Holy" and the Stones "Let it Bleed" rendered in sympathetic Lego. Genius.

Mystery: I've absolutely no idea what's going on in this photo that I unearthed earlier. It seems to have been taken by a rather tall person.


  1. I took that with the camera above my head...

    It's true!

  2. 20 October 2012 -

  3. Ah Ha! I found it on iphoto and couldn't figure how it got in there. Well played!