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Alternative Wickerman Tea Towel Souvenir. Don't all rush at once.
I'm not really sure why I consider any of this to be important, it just seems like something I should know and possibly have an opinion on or perhaps I should cook up an alternative version; other classical solutions and views are available. So here are the seven basic plots in literature, theatre and film according to Christopher Booker.

Overcoming the monster – The protagonist sets out to defeat a force that threatens.

Rags to Riches – The poor protagonist acquires power and wealth then loses them but gains them back and grows in the process.

The Quest – The protagonist, perhaps accompanied sets out to acquire some treasure or objective facing obstacles all along the way.

Voyage and Return – The protagonist goes to some strange land or location eventually returning all the better for the experiences.

Comedy – The protagonists are destined to be in love but things conspire to keep them apart. Eventually after many trials they get together.

Tragedy – The protagonist suffers a fall from grace, his/her death brings about a happy ending.

Rebirth – The protagonist is a villain or somehow unpopular, he/she redeems him/herself through the course of the story.

or by Arthur Quiller-Crouch

Human v human

Human v nature

Human against god

Human v society

Human in the middle

Woman & Man

Human v him/herself.

There are many more variations on this but nothing original from me. Which one might be the story of your life? Knowing it could save you a lot of pointless conversation - it's better if you can point to a meaningful structure rather than struggle through some tedious narrative.

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