Monday, January 13, 2014

A week with no alcohol

It's been more than a week since I last sampled any strong drink. No wine or beer or whisky has touched my lips, liver or waterworks for 8 long (?) days. I would say long but they've all been pretty much the standard 24 hours. So far I've managed not to lose my mind, be extra grumpy or any more unhinged than usual. That's a disappointment. Conversely I don't really feel any better, fitter, thinner or happier. I'm sure experts could explain why, no doubt more time is needed and less tea or orange juice and a boost of Spanish sunshine now and then to help. I am yawning a lot and the hives are acting up, perhaps there's less fur on my tongue but I don't ever check that kind of thing. I do did a bit of biking, almost wrote a song and generally went about my normal business. Maybe I'm deluded, maybe I just feel shit anyway as a normal thing and drink and bananas and bio-rhythms are nothing to do with anything. I could be depressed or extra mellow but it is January and there are Easter Eggs in the shops and my life style is erratic anyway. Bollox to it, I'm staying dry, at least until I need to get wet ( and I resisted a grinding temptation to watch the final Sherlock with a glass in hand, that didn't help me follow the story line either).

Some serious shit going down here in the Dorky Fantasy Land aka GOT, enough to drive you to drink.

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