Sunday, January 12, 2014

Quiet life

  1. This weekends results: dogs 2 - 0 Guy, Pigeons 0 - 1 Guy. At least I won one battle this weekend.
  2. :- ( fighting dogs is never good, no real pigeon experience just squirrels from a safe distance
  3. I was evicting the pigeon from the loft. 1 dog attacked me and cut my leg the other tripped me up when I was running.
  4. it's nasty when they collaborate against you, A&E needed or do you know a nurse? How did the dogs get into the loft?
  5. and getting into confined spaces by the sound of things.

A quiet but chilly Sunday in a dozy part of Fife: made a bacon roll breakfast, cycled out along the coast (filming the sights as I travelled thanks to a handy bike cam), chopped logs and kindling, surfed the surf, chuckled at the Sunday Herald headline, ate soup and crackers, fed the birds, pruned the rampant roses and cut up a Christmas tree. No dog major bites either.

How the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence imagine robots that provide domestic help might look in the near future. You've a way to go there Japan, (or maybe there's some ironic piece of explanation written in Japanese across the cover text that's beyond me).

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