Sunday, January 05, 2014


Why is it you wake up one day and electronic devices, apps or software that were formerly useful and stable suddenly stop? Apple, Samsung, Sony, Google, Facebook, BT, Twitter or HP; they all do it without explanation. "Can't locate the network, error 404, insufficient memory, data cannot be found, different format, instruction not understood, not recognised, file missing." The list is endless but worst of all is their stubborn refusal to carry out the action they did easily and smoothly yesterday - like printing, uploading, downloading, having a set screen format, showing you the default settings you agreed.

Back in the 90's we patched and debugged programmes and thought that all this conflicted shit would stop any day soon. We championed collaboration and sharing. That never did happen. It's looking to me like a complex conspiracy (even as I type this the Blogger error bar is telling me "an error has occurred" by adding a stupid pink stripe to the top of my screen, no proper explanation is offered or a solution, there's just this "error" somewhere. It suggests that it may involve the spell checker but that's still working, WTF!) that confirms that the universe is an imperfect place where everything is at odds with everything else; incompatibility rules and chaos wants to take us over. It would if it could but the trouble with chaos is that it can't organise itself sufficiently to do this (it is chaotic after all) so we have sub-chaos; normal life and irritation and relentless error messages.

For the record: Samsung refuses to upload photos to Picasa despite doing it for the last nine months with no problem. iPhoto now accepts Samsung Jpegs despite rejecting them for...nine months. You are complete and incompetent bastards, whoever you are!

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