Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Long Day Away

Long Day Away

Long day, here and away and beyond
Said goodbye in the rolling hills to some one already gone.
Said hello in the pouring rain, dripping on our faces
Talked about all we could, but for the obvious, staring at us - we miss by miles.
Shared something and reflecting thoughts, still reflected on the stones and smiles.
The bones,
The hidden twisted shape of the church torn from trees and soil,
That proves with the emptiest of words
None of us really understand what has just occurred.

Take time to walk more roads, listen hard for the sounds of your own ideas growing,
Make each day as long as it can be, and in the final act the finale will not be black,
As you throw down more than some wasted memory of me, for me.

This is where we all must end, no through road,
And at the blunt and grassy head of some hidden glen, in more rain.
We Scots, a nation who have diluted and lost our basic powers of communication.
We really don't want to search anymore for explanations,
Inbred and crippled by those cursed believers who still tower in our eye's shadows.

Some long day, still to come...
Primitive or alien cultures may manage to reach us and teach with a purer missionary mind,
All that is right and what we should do next.

And as the night falls on us, still we do the best we can
With our passed down and stunted, mixed up belief of a universal plan.

Long day away, some are home, some still travel,
It's all for you to unravel.

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