Saturday, January 15, 2005

Syrus and the Great White Robot

Syrus is our cat and the Great White Robot is ...our tumble dryer....

Who are you to invade my universe?

Your chunky noises my space reversed

Who are you? You’re alien white

Unsteady my calm, keeps me awake at night.

Blinded by, frightened by, deafened by the great white robot

Beaten back, first attack, it has no heart, the great white robot.

GWR pays little attention

Purposely focused spinning intention

Occupied yet detached in its relocated situation

This case calls for human intervention

It’s ok boy

It’s ok

It’s ok boy

It’s ok

Who are you to usurp my rightful place?

Your growly breathing in my face?

What are you? You’re a geometrical sight.

Freeze my blood tense my muscles tight.

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