Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A polite breakfast

A polite (series of ) breakfast(s).

Saturday: Eighteen Wee Willie Winkies sizzling in a pan, two fried eggs for Joe. Liv had the sausages. Ali had sausages and bacon on two rolls, I had sausages and bacon and the stuff Liv didn't eat. Orange juice, Sunny D and coffee. Dick & Dom on the TV. We decided to go to Ocean Terminal to seek out a SpongeBob DVD, peek at the Brittania and explore. Other things happened on this windy day.

Sunday morning dawned and everyone, for a change awoke in a good humour. There was a slight delay between each awakening, some sooner, some later but all eventually by 9.15. I was cook. I started with tea and coffee as usual for Ali and myself, the kids had Sunny D or at least what little was left. Then it was lorne sausage in the fry pan, rolls buttered and the toasting of the waffles. These are tricky little beasts, 30 seconds in a hot toaster, pop them up, grab them without burning your finger (a bit like a pop tart), flip them onto a nice white plate and then apply a dose of golden or maple syrup. The kids liked golden best, with a little butter. Naturally my waffle went through a kind of experimental phase and was rather burned, but I enjoyed it. Ali stuck with the tea and well cooked sausage and rolls, a waffle and gazed out of the window at those winter white horses that gallop across the Firth of Forth. It was a blustery, window rattling, warm inside cold out, stretched out and satisfying breakfast.

Monday morning finds me in the Holiday Inn Express in Bristol. Breakfast (polite and quite apart from a distant Sky news broadcast) is a self-service hotch potch that is surprisingly pleasing. The coffee from one of those mysterious machines that promises café au late is pretty good. I have two cups. All in all it’s a bowl of (normal) Alpen and milk, orange juice (not so good), pan au chocolate, strawberry yoghurt, brown toast and marmite, a banana and more coffee. Not as many suits in here, strangely quiet.

Tuesday I was back home and had no breakfast. Well coffee and a Christmas pie at work at about 9ish.

Saw J & O & E in the evening, no breakfast memories. Then saw J & G and baby Elijah. Good end to a no-breakfast day.

Wednesday: Wow! the Forth Bridge was closed to everything due to high winds. Sat in the car in McDonald's car for twenty minutes listening to the radio. Considered a Mickey D Bfast but decided to go home and sit out the storm. Eventualy got to work at 0845 - had a Beacham's hot lemon cold cure. This cold is a stubborn one.

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