Friday, June 10, 2005

A day in the life

2 coffees (forgot to take the cod liver oil, vitamins and aspirin)
4 pieces of toast
1 egg (fried)
4 small sausages + brown sauce
1 newspaper (The Scotsman)
1 EBay transaction (a used light sabre)
1 can of Tennants lager
1 bag of prawns (thawing out for stir fry)
1 viewing of the Sponge Bob movie – with the kids
4 games of Mario Cart – highest place second
1 Great Escape scene acted out on the tyre swings
2 phone calls, also read numerous emails
3 plastic cups used
1 cloud shaped like a question mark
1 cloud shaped like a question mark that was gone quickly
1 made up story about the “Witch's Tree” and her gory death
1 series of thoughts about Warren Zevron’s WW of London
1 stir-fry
1 bout of homework assistance
Some text messages, can’t remember how many
1 strop, 1 minor tantrum, 1 hiding in the toilet (not me incidentally, a small person)
1 sleep

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