Sunday, June 26, 2005

Errr...Roxy Musak?

Rockin’ the Roxy.

Well we had a lot of fun. We performed for about 55 minutes to a small but well formed audience. The theatre show on before us failed to live up to it’s promised audience expectation and we suffered as a result. However we played on and though I say so myself were pretty good. A decent (big) PA and foldback and wide stage makes such a difference, we both relaxed and just got on with playing the songs, fluffs and bouts of nerves were few and far between. Ali looked pretty good in her new pink jacket.

Set list:

That’s my baby, All the Vows, Dancing, Daddy, Tokyo Skyline, How I Hate, Not Pretty, She’s a Waitress, WIP, The Rainbow, I Miss That Boy and Happy Like. We had the song “Damage” held in reserve but didn’t play it.

See us next at OOTB on Thursday 30Th June at the Waverley and on Saturday 2nd July at St John’s in Princes Street (West End) at around 7pm. (following on from the “make poverty history” rally and march in Edinburgh).

Next gig at the Roxy, Friday 8th July at 9pm.

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