Monday, October 05, 2009

South Queensferry daily photo

Business is booming as the good people of SQ flock to the local commercial sector.

The cultural and financial centre of the 'Ferry, part of the great Co-op Scotmid empire flanked by a Chinese restaurant, curry shop and peculiar clothing retailer. I always feel guilty about not using the apparently unloved Co-op, set in it's dreary car park and flanked by nothing in particular. It is compromised by being half a mile away from the larger Tesco that sells everything cheaper and is generally much busier, leaving the poor old Co-op forlorn and abandoned looking - but it does contain a proper post office. The trouble is you can never quite get the stuff you want in the Co-op, the TV ads portray nice green and ethical ranges but when you get in it's just miles of Irn-Bru promotions, stale looking cakes and very tired out and pale vegetables. I just have to learn to live with the guilt of regularly going elsewhere.

We watched "Burn after reading" last night, a fine portrayal of mid-life crisis, greed and paranoia with a lot of added laughs. Watch it and see numerous car crash situations come alive before your very eyes and then spontaneously combust. The names were no doubt changed to protect the innocent.

I uploaded three random tracks onto Amie Street last night, less than 24 hours later the money has already started rolling in, well almost. It's such fun being part of the modern, dynamic and completely unpredictable music industry.


  1. 2 things. First "Burn After Reading" - great film.
    Secondly - Aimie Street - this sounds interesting. I demand you fill me in on this on Thursday.
    That is all. Carry on.

  2. I just uploaded "Acoustic Soundingfall" to Amiestreet and the listens to it are immediate.

    Will be uploading all my albums her from now

    Many thanks for the link Johnny boy!!

  3. Hope you both make pots of cash and don't forget me...

  4. Aha - listens fall off methinks once you disappear from the New Releases list on the front page and you have nothing to direct browsers to your album.

    Crucial to get "Recs" in the first 24 hours too then probably.

    I still like it though and will upload my albums.

    I'll never forget you John!!!!

  5. Of all the sites Jamendo seems to keep getting results after that first rush, you might want to try it.