Monday, May 07, 2012

Tony Stark's Black Sabbath T Shirt

We went out to see the Avengers movie last night, great fun (four stars I'd say), great product placement (Accura doesn't mean much in Scotland however) and the usual cameo bit from Stan Lee. Of course I came away wanting the "Never Say Die" T shirt that Tony Stark wears under his Iron Man suit. His character steals all the best lines in the film, has the techy edge and the flimsy brown 1978  tour T shirt survives a whole lot of action under his metal chest without a tear or wrinkle. Every red blooded shredder will want one now. Trouble is you cant quite get the brown one, there's some well researched information here. Forget Amazon UK also, they've very little to offer apart from the usual rock tat. The web is buzzing, buzz buzz buzz.


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    This Tony Stark - Black Sabbath Shirt is exclusively available at EMP.

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  3. Pity this comment is anonymous, I don't usually publish them however the link does Sabby Ts in Euros. Up to you to choose if you're happy to risk.

    To all anonymous blog commenters, stop being such dicks! Tell us you name or go away.