Monday, December 09, 2013

Bannockburn B&B

Not the actual mural.
In order to avoid any risky drunk driving or excessive taxi charges we stayed out on Saturday in an SQ B&B, about 30 miles from the Bannockburn triumph that the SNP are so keen for us to recall. There we found that our over familiar hosts  had decided to deck out the dining room as a shrine to 1314 and the famous battle. A huge mural of the event had been painted on the wall by an art student (Primary 6 level at least) some years before, the rest of the room was festooned with tartan, flags, swords and various Braveheart motifs. It was an embarrassing and uncomfortable venue for breakfast there amongst the badly drawn bloody and severed limbs, snorting horses and brave but anatomically challenged archers and foot soldiers. Any guest from South of Berwick upon Tweed would no doubt feel a little threatened by the clumsy and bloody scenes and might wonder exactly what had been boiled into the haggis and tattie scone ensemble being served up. Next time it's back to a safe but bland chain;  Best Western, Dakota etc. etc.

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  1. Haha! I wonder if there's a similar B&B near Flodden?