Monday, December 02, 2013

The rest is history

The books that I started to read in the Summer I shall finish in the Winter.
The guitars that I started building in 2013 I'll complete in 2014.
The music that I started to record in December I'll sort out...soon.
The soup that I made today is made today.
The phone that I switched off five minutes ago is back on now.
The laundry that I started is underway.
The TV show that I recorded is still somewhere on the Sky Box.
The journey that I began in 1955 is still going on.
The doodle that I scribbled is lost, someplace.
The idea I had in August is kind of forming up.
The photo that I took a few minutes ago is at the top.
The cat that I fed has run off outside to play.
The dessert I didn't eat is in the fridge...waiting.
The other cat that I annoyed is asleep.
The new T Shirt I received is on my back.
The uploads I attempted to upload are stuck.
The Christmas shopping is progressing, in a virtual sense.
The rest is history.

A huge and incredible bag of PB M&Ms.

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