Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Still running out of time

The world according to Beachcomber: Today, the last of something called twenty thirteen and a topic of some excitement here and there, the sun shone so I cycled and wondered about a bit fuelled only by strong cauliflower cheese and weak tea. Out exploring my favourite things discovered were a) the washed up ladder and b) a big and useful (?) log. The log was eventually retrieved from the beach using an unreliable wheel barrow and a fair amount of physical effort. It's now in the garden awaiting the allocation of some proper and permanent function once the weather stabilises.The spooky wee shrine can be found in the local derelict graveyard. It seems to have been disturbed by the wind and weather and a few essential artifacts are missing (animal bones, voodoo dolls, dead flowers, human blood etc.) so I imagine it's delicate powers are running at a bit of a low level right now, the rites of spring will no doubt perk it up; that and the Satanic dancing and chanting.

Late Great Christmas Message: On a more philosophical note my questioning type of advice to one and all would be to ask you; "just what voices are you listening to and believing in and why?" A lot of people are listening to incorrect or wrong and distorted messages that are coming from their brain's left side, their fuzzy feelings, the BBC, their cats, their peer group, imagined gods, their dead budgies, rap artists or junkpile magazines, music, social media and websites. So get yourself sorted out and listen to some of the positive messages about yourself that are broadcast regularly from friendly forces in deep space and act upon them. In closing I'd ask you all to stay classy in 2014 and watch a little more of Sky Arts 1 and Discovery Turbo and buy some more useless shit on eBay and Amazon in order that the economy can remain highly stimulated and active and my pension pot can flourish.

So here's to 2013...

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