Saturday, June 28, 2014


Change has to be obviously; I think it was Donovan who came up with that lyric a long time ago. Change was something I reflected on yesterday whilst driving along in my stately and almost clean but battered old Volvo, tweed sports jacket on, grand daughters chattering in the back and Matt Monro's greatest Hits on the car stereo (even that kind of device now sounds dated - a CD player). I probably wasn't speeding either. Where has my former, inner wild child and socialist revolutionary gone? At least I was tempted to smoke a fag later on last night as we spilled out of a good humoured birthday party pub and onto the Edinburgh streets. The young lit up carelessly, giggling  and laughing. I just said no. Of course I'd only managed a pint of shandy and a bit of a Scotch Egg with a runny centre.

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