Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jack White's Telecaster

As it's too early on a Sunday morning to go out and do the noisy power tool joinery repairs I need to do so  I'll pass the time writing more of this pointless drivel. Jack White's Telecaster was OK, made a lot of strange noises and there's no doubt went down well with the Glastonbury crowd yesterday. I'd have liked it better in a natural finish rather than faded Toilet Duck blue, my own bad taste of course. He's good but hard to watch or listen to for anything more than a couple of songs, I feel a headache coming on by then and the urge to channel surf back to the World Cup. I've no idea why I can only take small doses of him because I should really be able to just get the music, whatever it is. However I enjoyed Metallica's set and watched the whole thing. I didn't really expect to do that. They did blether on about "nice" things and some incongruous hippy drippy ideals between their tunes, all of which are about death, poison, horror etc. Nothing makes sense these days, heavy metal bands trying hard to please, whatever next?  Strangely entertaining in it's own way though, like watching a piano tumble down Ben Nevis and their cover of Whisky in the Jar was just right.

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