Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fails to disappoint

Today: Fife looking onto West Lothian, a long way from Fargo.
I think it was the Daily Telegraph TV critic that said Fargo had "failed to disappoint", an odd turn of phrase really. It seems like disappointment might have been an expected thing, a natural phenomenon, what you get when you regurgitate film onto TV and in so doing stretch a premise or an idea into 10 episodes with a different cast and plot line but the same frozen location . Whilst Fargo certainly didn't disappoint it did fail to explain itself. It all was pointless, nothing needed to happen, it was cruel and absurd. As Lorne Malvo put it his way a number of unexplained times as he repeated "is this what you want?" I felt those words ringing in my ear in the final moments as the cold water and ice closed over the hapless Lester. Here was an ending that needn't have been, this is true of so many things and almost profound but nobody is really listening anyway. "I used to have such positive opinions of people..."

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