Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just write anything

Syd was always vague when it came to describing his competence as a driver.
Most of the world's problems stem from poor communication and misunderstandings, possibly things misheard also. It's hard to tell because I suffer from these things, on both sides and am therefore culpable and responsible in a vague way.  I suppose vague responsibility doesn't help either, there's a lot of that about. Nobody is quite sure how much because it is all a bit vague. It's good to get away from just blaming things on original sin, the royal family and incurable diseases. Whilst these things have brought a lot of misery to many people they would not have done so had communication been a bit sharper and more accurate. A few added jokes, just to hold attention would have helped. Printing the bible was also a bit of a mistake, that and Das Kapital. Just keeping these things are scary fairy stories, told with gusto but without in depth study as to what they might mean could have saved untold damage being done. Meanwhile history keeps happening all around us and there are so few sensible people around able to understand it, make sense of it or just learn lessons.

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