Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Now it's...

Just to be clear, let's sort out a few things regarding where we are in time.
The magical powers of paracetamol are there to be understood but are difficult to fathom. The small white capsules are swallowed with a splash of water in the hope of killing a headache or calming a fever. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't, it's just medicine, good or band. But what if there are unknown beneficial side effects and bonuses? Trials are tough, I won't be bothering but my recent bout of irritable flu syndrome and suffering and grumbling and still stumbling onwards to work has taught me one little thing. These everyday meds have overhauled, possibly by accident or cosmic intervention some of the jolly old internal plumbing and all the rusty bits...or so I think. Well even in this winter chill, when it's -5 and the car seats are frozen solid there's more glow and less annoying flow it looks that way. We shall see.

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