Friday, February 13, 2015

Three burgers

CBQ's deck plays Fripp and Eno at the correct speed. Any burger resemblance is purely  coincidental.
It's been a three burger week: one in Glasgow, one in Birmingham and one in Dundee. I ate them all. That's a lot of burgers for me and the demonstration of a whole lack of eating ambition and imagination.  I see a menu and I freeze, I may have some prawns but then I again I may not and eventually I'll slowly descend back to the land of the grey and pink landscape of the innocent burger.

Meanwhile on Sky Atlantic the series Fortitude has arrived, I've started at episode three and am not hooked but I could be; something to fill in Game of Thrones / Fargo and whatever else vacuum, or not as the case may be.

I read again "The Dead" by James Joyce. Now I know for sure I am alive but I am left with questions over the status of those who came before; their clothes, music, dancing and finery. Was it real or imagined?

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