Thursday, August 20, 2015

Coffee hype

In the never ending, relentless experiment that is sometimes described as life I have (nearly) crossed another line that has remained uncrossed for at least ten, maybe twelve years. A day without coffee and indeed a day without tea and also, now that I think about it a day without chocolate, even thinly coated on some cheap biscuit. Naturally I feel fine, calm and my thinking remains as clear as...well I can't quite remember. It was an unplanned event really, this morning I just had plain water with my porridge and super charged banana breakfast and in my head a bulb began to dimly glow. I quickly extinguished it and had an idea; let's spend a long period of time, maybe even a day without drinking that hot brown stuff that we're all conditioned to think we're addicted to and actually like. So far my metabolism has remained as steady as a ship in a medium to rough sea and my pupils are back to their normal size.  There are no cravings, panic attacks, dry mouths or any feeling of listlessness. On the down side life makes no more sense and I'm a day older and only slightly wiser but that's how it goes. Will I awake tomorrow to find that this has been some kind of average dream? Will I even sleep?

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