Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Don't worry it's normal

It's normal to worry, usually it's about things that are outside of our control. Things like health, far away and unstable countries, grinning MPs and meteorite strikes all tax the mind, eating away at happiness like some unopened Christmas gift that has a doubtful shape and feel. So unwanted reminder sessions in the school of hard knocks and the unexpected consequences of well meant actions are never too far away. They hang in the air like the smell of urine or dumb Americans praising the good works soon to be done by Trump via some badly constructed text message. Worry is a slow form of mind cancer that is best overcome by studying the blue skies, sipping the milk skin from over heated coffee or puzzling over musical scales and drum beats. Worry sinks without trace like a Russian sub or your bank balance on the 30th day, if you mask it with idle happiness and baseless optimism. It's all a puff of self indulgent mind wandering pollution corrected quickly by any unexpected positive jolt. There's one due at any minute.

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