Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Moon, Venus, Mars

Those of you watching the recent Sci-Fact series Mars on the History channel will be aware that there's a fictional planet called Mars not so far away from the Earth. Apparently a cartoon space craft can get there in about six months if the internationally sourced and ill-matched crew can stop arguing and avoid pulling the incorrect lever to the left of the steering wheel. Married couples, brooding scientists and do-gooders should also be avoided as passengers and would be colonists cause they just screw everything up. Venus, also nearby is best ignored as it's very hot and it's surface is covered in boiling vinegar according to the Roman star gazers. Anyway these places plus some large tide pulling moon or other are all visible to the naked eye or any reasonably priced phone in a single shot these days. It's all called celestial alignment and spells good omens for all aboard our troubled planet. Failure to observe these night time sights may bring you bad luck, boils or temporary blindness, bit of a lottery really. So don't shrink back from looking out of your window, simply pause the TV and social network inter-blethers and take in the blessed spectacle before we all get blown to pieces.

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