Thursday, March 01, 2018

The last broadcast

Being a practicing Buddhist I'm reluctant to let anything die other than my self esteem or the occasional cow  (to supplement my diet of course). I was therefore challenged by the sight of the first wasp of 2018 (or the last one of 2017), an unwell and tired out example, so sadly it had to die. I must stress that I'm not a wasp Nazi. In truth it was always on the way out, like some exhausted Arctic explorer plodding through snowfields, there was no way this wasp could survive and go on to lead a productive or meaningful life. Well that was my take on it. It was causing a mild panic possibly leading to hysteria, in any totalitarian state that is grounds for ... retribution. 

Summing up: it seems to me that the wasp had made a bad decision to enter our kitchen uninvited and shamelessly flaunt itself on the window and so paid the ultimate price. Meanwhile it's still too cold and snowy to do anything apart from moan about the snow and last night's episode of Shetland, bread and milk are running out, morale is low,  this may be the last broadcast, signing off then.

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