Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter Weekend

There's no doubt that when the early Christians (?) were hijacking Spring Break and calling it Easter a whole raft of odd heathen bits of baggage were added in along the way. Religious holidays were no doubt a profitable income stream for churches, bring in the poor, oppress them a little more, add some guilt, spice up the misery and shake the collection platter. Today we live and move in the debris and aftershock of these troubled times thus rendering Easter almost as daft as Christmas but less daft than Halloween and the August Bank Holiday. I like the surreal (that's extra real but actually unreal) twists that it brings; The Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs and the death and alleged resurrection of Jesus (a possible Palestinian guerrilla fighter and teacher). So no Easter would be complete without the revolutionary Easter Pineapple and the Easter Egg Pineapple (with Pina Colada truffles), it's the best time of year ever.

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