Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Strange Days

I came across this pictorial oddity whist reading a piece on the Fender Company's recent struggles and product history. I don't think that there was any actual explanation given as to how this photo came to be, presumably a model launch or similar publicity stunt. It's such an odd mixture of at-odds rock players, that's what I like, Fender covering a wide range of stylistic bases. 

Left to right and back again: Stuart Adamson, Fife's finest and for much of his career a Yamaha player, great to see him in this company albeit he looks a bit stunned, he'd be the youngest too so feeling the pressure. Eric Clapton, he could've been there on his own and that surely would've been publicity and clout enough for Fender. Hank Marvin would I guess only appeal to a British audience but it's nice he got a look in, his influence is huge. Steve Howe, I always thought he was more about Gibsons but maybe this was taken when he had the guitar shop. Richard Thompson, a giant in more ways than one and a folky Strat icon. Dave Gilmour, again a Strat user at genius level and the most melodic and tuneful of the pack (though you'd never have said that in the early days of Pink Floyd). And finally Jeff Beck, arguably the best and most technically proficient player but at that time wasn't he playing Les Pauls and just hammering them to death night after night? 

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