Saturday, June 02, 2018


Pic by Andrew F at BOO.
Extracted from an organic to do list with absolutely no actual/possible song titles hidden therein:

shim sunburst strat neck pocket*
fix pussy cat telecaster electrics
lubricate car roof and motors
fix plastic bit on conservatory roof
progress car radio done
shed empty at Kinghorn
visit the dump / bottlebank
paint well top done
do some more cement work / pointing
tidy work space
work more with audio interface
work on short stories
cat litter
chop kindling up
back step
wire brush / wash weatherboarding
purge wardrobe
purge old records / work docs etc.
cement work at back door
use less fewer capitals
eBay cardboard
avoid distractions
Air BnB Bilbao 

*replace centre pickup screws and also shim P Bass neck pocket.

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