Friday, June 08, 2018

Now I know

I'm never sure how well or badly I'm fitting into the world. What jars about me being here or looks awkward or out of place? This of course has been my normal mindset for well over 50 years, or at least since I gained some form of self awareness. Here's a list I've lifted from somewhere that describes the 30 ok/cool things in 2018. It's all a bit conservative and disappointing really, all pretty worthy and self righteous. I wonder who exactly was polled in this and from what societal cross sections of  the country's under 30s.
Top 30 things which are considered “cool” in 2018:
  1. Reusable coffee cups
  2. Going on holiday to unusual places off the beaten track      
  3. Going to the gym    
  4. Having a balanced diet      
  5. Staying in rather than going out      
  6. Working from home
  7. Record players      
  8. Fitness trackers     
  9. Coffee      
  10. Being able to cook from scratch      
  11. Being teetotal or cutting back on your drinking/drinking alcohol free beverages   
  12. Yoga/Pilates/ Barrecore     
  13. Craft ale      
  14. Hosting a dinner party      
  15. Instagram      
  16. Cycling      
  17. Gin      
  18. Filter water bottles      
  19. Tattoos      
  20. Beards      
  21. Baking      
  22. Avocado      
  23. Frozen yogurt     
  24. Android phones     
  25. High Intensity Interval Training     
  26. Being a fan of things from ‘before your time’ / nostalgia      
  27. Helping the family      
  28. Charity shops      
  29. The 80s      
  30. Pizza
The research for this survey was conducted by frozen yogurt brand Yoomoo.
So what's missing (that I would add)?
Twitter, blogging, lo-fi music, sports cars, long holidays, gardening, CDs (they'll return), hill-walking, children, Wes Anderson, cover songs, showers, toast, saving bees, pyrography, red wine, plimsolls, resistance, bus travel, chocolate, AirBnb, Scandinavia, odd socks, getting up early, wild birds, rising above politics, helping out in small ways. This list is not exhaustive.

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