Thursday, June 21, 2018

Making history

I've put this up in the kitchen, held in place via a complex system of fridge magnets. It says at the top "history will be made". That's a rather easy claim to make and deliver. History is creating itself continually, sadly the most interesting parts are seldom properly recorded. We just get some other, spun out and soulless version that's chewed over and spat out sooner or later. 

It'll be interesting to see how the latest Glasgow School of Art disaster is covered over time. The higher minded apologists are already calling the ruined building the "heart and soul of Glasgow". OK, that's quite a claim, I'm not sure that most of Glasgow's inhabitants would describe it that way. Maybe the "adopted heart and soul of the artistic establishment in Glasgow" might be a better if less grandiose description, or just "the sacred cow". The heart of Glasgow is a far more abstract and precious thing that a burnt down art school however unique and wonderful the design was.

That's unlikely to be the point of view of the board, sponsors and academics who blindly managed their fine building in such a free spirited and irresponsible way that it's burned down twice with nobody held to account for the events leading up to the disasters. No proper fire safety, no obvious improvement plans or compliance, no decent security. I have a strong sense of: "Let's not allow the bureaucrats the pleasure of tying down our fine buildings and indeed our very way of being with rules and, all of you, pay attention, please stump up and rescue us". History, will you be kind or honest?

A sorry sight, thankfully nobody died in the disaster.

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