Thursday, August 02, 2018

Bilbao Daily Photo

Somewhere on the other side of the river. Just liked the look of the building.

We climbed a lot of stairs and steps to get this view back down a lot of stairs and steps.

A ruined old piece of building trapped amongst more modern forms.

Strange hollow structure that serves no obvious purpose.

Obvious LOTR and Hobbit jokes abound with the city transport system.

Turns out that everybody in Spain is angry about pensions, things are not stacking up well. This noisy and effective demonstration called for a state pension of 1080 Euros per month. Seems reasonable to me.

There were buses so there had to be boats.

Cultural escape at the "Gugg". Not everything was to my taste or liking but I enjoyed the visit, very interesting space and not crowded out by tourists. I suspect most locals give it a wide berth.
More Guggy oddities.
There are more pics to come, I shall restrain myself for the time being and share more later.

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