Saturday, August 04, 2018

Culross Daily Photo

Exploring the mythical and almost medieval village of Culross, now the strange home of the Outlander cult and also a good place to get married. Narrow lanes and streets, rough cut stones and drains, pantiles and crowstep gables, the old palace, the abbey. the house of the evil eyes and the rebuilding of the old stone pier. Confused tourists mispronounce the name regularly and seek out their favourite TV series locations, there's one around every corner.

So why are these recent posts reverting to the dull regurgitation of "daily photos"? Is modern life, politics, media and all the associated shit just way too stupid and awkward to comment on anymore? What about films and music?Dumbed down content rules the roost and what's the point? Seems that way. Based on my (wonky) perception of things the turn of events has been on a slide downwards now for a number of years, Trump and Brexit broke the back of anything normal or sensible that anybody could wish for, for the immediate future, so I'm stumped. I can't even summon up the energy to spit and shake and shout at the oncoming darkness...I might just write a tune or two or hit the the olden days...then the barricades (?). Never give up and don't give in but be good to yourself along the way.

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