Sunday, February 03, 2019

A nation's capital

We were at large in the nation's capital for a few hours. There were things everywhere. The weather also turned out and people hurried by as I hurried in other directions. There was the usual dawdling quest for reasonable coffee and convenient toilets, interesting shapes and graffiti. I have a collection. Some were of course better than others, some were recorded. 

The night before we were wined, dined and danced out, it was a late one. I awoke in unfamiliar circumstances without a cat on my chest and then ate some salmon and scrambled eggs whilst spilling the coffee. Once in the fresh air a series of craft markets and stalls beckoned (it's the sweet smell of warm food) as did a record fair. By the time I'd scoffed my coffee and cake in the Film House cafe it was time for a rendezvous at the Poetry Library (which I think needs to be urgently renamed the Poetry Laboratory or "Poetry Lab" for short).  So we did the poetry thing and the reconnection thing for a bit and then ran back to Fife to unravel various domestic issues as the great freeze of 2nd February covered and blanketed us with it's weekend gloom. I lit a log fire and then we watched Sully on Amazon Prime (it's a film about an air crash you know). I suppose we sound civilized and bit lazy but that's just how it is. Glad to be home and not going out. There are winter showers today.

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