Friday, February 01, 2019

Doors and Windows

Lately, as I explore (mostly on foot and often on feet) my fatherland and hinterland I seem to encounter doors and windows, often attached to homes and houses that hearken back  to some other dreamy, sublime time where proportion and common sense didn't matter too much. You get the feeling that people where trying out house building and step at a time, exploring the possibilities just to see what might turn out, having fun. They stood against the elements and convention and they used robust materials. There was of course less regulation or inspection, maybe just whispers and back-handers. Quirky sizes and strange gaps were OK so long as they fitted together and in the end if the client is happy, what's the harm? Many years have passed but these properties still stand, albeit a few are a little squint, off side and obtuse. I hope that one day, if you're very careful you might accidentally come across one of them and perhaps even walk by it. Good luck.

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