Thursday, July 04, 2019

Piano filters

Pianos on mescaline: Keeping up with yesterday's theme and of course just flogging the last few ounces of life from these photos because I can. This is not art. Art is getting up a 2am and filming tadpoles, slugs and newts in your suburban garden pond using blinding lights and a shaky camera. Cut it up into 15 second segments and your audience will go crazy. Many will view this content live (clearly they don't have or can't afford ponds) and will provide much positive reinforcement via likes and comments. I lack this kind of perseverance and vision. Meanwhile I was trying to save a bee but failed, the old sugar/water trick didn't work. It was unfilmed in broad daylight and the dignity of the bee was preserved. Whoever thought bees might have health issues that couldn't be fixed by this simple remedy. How complex are bees?

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