Friday, July 05, 2019

Stranger obessions

We'll all be old when it finally happens, except for those of us who are younger.

Strange obsessions with Nico abound. Today it's all about her lost (?) years as a vagrant artist and heroin addict in Manchester. There are plays and celebrations. Odd. Chasing a hearse for a better story, a few one liners and some "insight". Not really all that interesting but what do I know. The Guardian is celebrating, maybe it's time to dismantle the false gods of rock and pop culture, audiences are confused. Brian Jones has been dead for fifty years and two days. His daughter still says it was murder. He was a gifted individual. I'm also aware that by reading the stories and recording this here I'm a small part of the problem. We need to invent some new people (if only I could develop this). 

Meanwhile Stuart Adamson's music lives on but the same questions and contradictions never go away or ever end. I remember how enthusiastic he was when he got his Mini Cooper (first gen.) and how his wife got the XJ12. Watching football at Pitreavie  playing fields in the rain. Proper Fife misery, of the tolerable kind. His music still gets played on rare occasions but pundits regularly miss the point. They talk about bagpipes and tartan as if that shit mattered. We need to invent new people and get some new people to celebrate and write about them.

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