Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some time for summer?

Check me out!

A sunny Thursday

A grandparent once more; Finlay was born on Monday morning at 3.00am. I left work early in the afternoon and headed up to Banff to visit the new arrival along with my daughter Erin. He did not disappoint (as if he could) and is a fine looking wee chap with a full crop of dark hair. We scoffed a bottle of whisky wetting his head well into the night and returned back here Tuesday. I was a little jaded for the next few hours after the journey and fast food diet but it was worth it.

Busy week of building various garden construction type items, one after another, BBQ, trampoline, swinging seat and then picnic table (yet to be delivered). The West Lothian sun has shone on us from time to time also and has been appreciated. Fruit trees and flowering cherry trees are budding as we race towards May and that strangest of annual phenomenon, the Scottish summer. Optimistically we plan and build in preparation for summer days we hope will dawn in pastel shades of bright and positive whispy light and waft us gently back to some forgotten time where life was more straightforward, things were affordable and we were in control; generally this is set sometime in the seventies if you’re my age. You never know, like a Lottery win, when a decent summer will come along, 2006 perhaps?

The cat stayed out all night to explore the still woods and dark pools of hedges and vegetation that surround the house. His adventures go undocumented and unknown to us and are because of that slightly intriguing. I just hope he didn’t have a go at the staggering (literally) rabbit population that hobble around the garden. There was I’m glad to say no outside evidence of death, destruction or any other animal mayhem that I could find. When Ali let him back in at about six this morning he immediately fell asleep and appeared to remain so all day. Cats seem to have life sussed and it’s certainly not fair to describe them as “furry snakes with legs”, they are something altogether more special.

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