Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sponge Cars

Ali in a non-sponge Chevrolet Whale c/w friendly Trio.


Check me out!

Sponge cars

Why don’t they make cars out of sponge rubber? Why not keep all the interior, engine and chassis bits but coat the exterior in thick sponge? What an idea. Crashes could be fun – of a kind; pedestrians would be relatively safe, small animals too and parking lot bumps and scrapes would hardly matter and it would wash itself (?). Who has ever been killed by a sponge travelling at 70 miles per hour? Perhaps I am missing some vital thing here in terms of the laws of physics and mechanics (I have some qualifications) but it would hardly be a backward step. The foam could still be sculpted to produce all the pleasing lines and features that the pubic think they want (the car companies decide these things anyway – not us) and let’s face it anything would be better than some of the dumb SUV and saloon designs that litter and pollute the driveways and streets of the nation.

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