Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday as usual


In no particular order. The day when the painter didn’t come, for the third time. I dug a hole one-foot square in the garden for the birthday present apple tree (Granny Smiths or Cox?). A familiar Simpsons episode was aired. The queues on the Forth Road Bridge were long in both directions but I sneaked up on the last ramp, stayed on the outside lane and sailed into the Tesco car park. I ate four small chicken drumsticks at lunchtime. I brought together some strands of our BCP and mean to do more work on it next week. I wrote a long report about something and realised that I tend to defend people’s actions even if I dislike them myself. I find it too easy to see the others’ point of view. I skimmed two newspapers. My mother told me that Marks and Spencers were in deep trouble and then I showed her that in fact they’d had their best year in the last three. I felt guilty but right to do it. I let the cat out. I drank two glasses of red wine. I browsed on some employment agency websites in an absentminded kind of way. I tried to figure out a dumb song arrangement for next weeks OOTB (say hello). I heard an old Monkees track on the radio. I bought six white tulips. When driving into work I picked the fastest toll line but switched over from a Spencer Davies track to the news on Radio Scotland. I thought about going out at lunchtime but didn’t bother. I looked back into an old 2002 diary to check some dates and felt odd doing it. If honey is an analgesic how come bees don’t act stoned all the time, or do they. Are bees the hippies of the insect world? I hurried putting the shopping away as it’s something I don’t like doing. Two suits of mine need to go to the cleaners soon. I did the Keith Football Club predictor by email as usual, the jackpot is up, if I win it I’m sharing it with my son. I saw a baby rabbit by the fence and the old tenant of this house in her Citroen 2CV. Tomorrow I have to go into work for 45 minutes. Easter egg selections are dull. I wrote down the email address of the fete de la musique event in June. I ate heated up shrimp stir fry for tea. The sun shone for what some would describe as sunny periods. Usual dial up problems, missing broadband but not Wanadoo.


  1. hello, i find myself occasionally on your blog, its quite random, and i like random a lot :) Anyway, just had to express my excitement at your hole-digging experience, i have spent many summer months digging holes in the mud in Iceland, and have become a bit of a hole-digging enthusiast, I used to dig myself into holes that were so big the ground surface was above my head... all in the name of science! Ho hum, see you at ootb soon! lindsay x

  2. Thanks Lindsay, I dug another hole today and put a shrub in it. Iceland eh? how far can you dig before you hit a) ice or b) lava?