Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday as usual

Check me out!


Woke up groggy with a few mild cold symptoms. They did however move on remarkably quickly though current levels of vim & vigour not running high. Work was nothing special, left the office at 0930 in a rainstorm in order to pick up the children. Next some Easter egg dropping and some supermarket shopping with the addition of my older daughter. Apples, strawberries, cooked ham, flowers and Easter bits and pieces, she bought a shed load more. All the shopping was done remarkably quickly but I feel I don’t really ever pay attention to detail, there is so much stuff that I just don’t like or have no interest in. Traffic queues are mad on the way home but thankfully all going in the other direction – high winds on the bridge. Arrived home to find that the house painter has managed to lock us out by using some other lock on our back door, one I never use, the cat joins us in the car as we await rescue. The estate office bale us out, the painter returns, paints a little and I make lunch. Ali texts me showing some concern about the foot (feet) picture on yesterday’s blog, I explain and wonder what she has been thinking, then I think I am thinking what she has been thinking, then I forget all about it. After lunch I dig a hole and plant a large shrub that Ali bought on Sunday. It has been blowing over in it’s pot everyday and was beginning to look distressed; now it is rooted in. For most of the afternoon we watch pop videos and I read the List. Red Mustang is nice, good to have. The Nintendo is taking a hammering on Tony Hawks; this is possibly due to the previous three days of snowboarding that the kids have enjoyed. Burgers for tea and rather fine oven chips and two glasses of red wine. The cat meanders in and out enjoying the open house. Have a few daydreams about going to France or running some kind of vague business that does nothing much, isn’t to taxing but still makes money. TV moments: Chilli Peppers new video is fun. Various cartoons, one with a really funny cat in it. The Simpson’s, lots of nice little adult gags in tonight’s episode. My name is Earl. Leonardo Da Vinci. The Last Supper: The Apostle John is not John, that is definitely a woman, what is everybody thinking? I light a log fire, first time, these logs are ok, superior to the previous batch, thank you nearby farm shop. Why on earth should there be a difference? I remember that this morning I was supposed to give Ali a PA lead from the gig case for tonight’s OOTB last ever Waverley night which will have just started, oops. Gave in and ate a Twix. Put a new set of strings on my resonator guitar, usual teething and tuning problems follow, funny how they are never right (new strings that is) on the day you put them on. Back to thinking about different song mixes, I really need to get down to some work on this, I also need to pick out a couple of tracks for demos one we get some of our newer material back from Martin. AC/DC, Iggy Pop, Run DMC and Will Smith. Pick two little black bugs from the cat's ear as he lounges around on the couch, he promptly gets up and goes back outside, no doubt to collect a few more, such is the cycle or circle of life. Easter egg pyramid, broken headphones on the MP3 player, kids voice activated money safes are opening easily these days, not much money in them. Tomorrow’s breakfast.

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