Thursday, December 30, 2004

2004 - review of the seer and what went by.

The thing is...

Tragically things bent back as much as they did forward though a positive trend remains. Custom and practice dictates that as ever we will reinvent ourselves at this time and the water still goes down the drain anti-clockwise or some other way. In many other ways it has been the best year but now who is glad it's over?

Some folks made up stories and told them as if they were true.

I've no idea how 2004 was for you, probably 360ish days about which you can't remember anything other than having a general impression of weather, darkness, some good jokes and the company of your fellow humans and a few small animals. Perhaps you were warm, cold, hungry or confused at some time also. You may also have misplaced a valuable item or at the critical moment completely forgot your pin number. Perhaps you were refused credit in a phone shop or you misunderstood an airport tannoy and joined the wrong queue. Your team may have been beaten in the cup final and your favourite mug lost its handle, you got diesel on your hands filling up a rental car or you broke the point of your pencil. For once I listened to some music, watched some films and took part in numerous unrecorded (I think) conversations, so it was all ok on balance.

others simply sat on park benches reading magazines and newspapers...

2004 has seen alot of things happen and I for one dont know much about any of them other than the things that actually affected me and some trivia. Well ok there was the election in the US, natural disasters (hmmmm- is God the No1 terrorist? How do you fight him?), olympic games, middle eastern battlegrounds - big big events, but rightly or wrongly my focus tends to be elsewhere most of the time.

children are being born.

I am grateful not to have been caught up in major events like these and really it's only a small proportion of people who are, the rest of us spectate and wait on our moment and continue to get by. So who will be your spokesperson?

there is however always room for,

idle thoughts:

Anyway what about smoke breaks? You smokers don't realise it but we non-smokers are watching you all the time, we watch your sneaky breaks, you scurrying away for a nicotine hit, we see you and we write down your times, in and out. We note who you go with, the sly phone calls and the liaisons, the moving as a group and the general hanging around that goes on between actual cigarettes. What are we doing with this information?
Passing it on - that's what. Who to - to whom? You can never ever know.

A new Subway opened in town.

I have yet to visit it however, likewise the KFC, Frankie and Benny's and the pub with the odd name. More next year.

Trees were chopped down.

Down by the beach in front of our house, what is going on? There also was a bonfire.

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