Wednesday, December 22, 2004

We've been busy! Too busy to blog (so they say)

Frantic few weeks for the impossibles here at impossible towers overlooking the shiny blue river forth in the central belt of scotland, too busy to type capitals also.

Baby is doing well, fine boy and I'm the proud grandad, should see the new family over the next few days at christmas. There is also anotheer grandchild on the way, any day now over yonder in the kingdom of fife - more excitement than i can stand.

So on the music front last tuesday (14th) saw the launch of OOTB III - the third compilation cd from Out of the Bedroom, Edinburgh's No1 open mike/songwriters night. If you want to know more / buy a copy check out or email us for advice.

The cd was launched in the cabaret bar in the pleasance in edinburgh with most of the participating artistes there doing a couple of original songs - it went well and we've sold quite a few cds, so far so good. Some really fine performances on the night also....

Other than that, played OOTB twice in the past week, lots of christmas shopping, traveling with my job, fun and games with family and all the normal (?) stuff. looking forward to a few days off over the weekend - if only, and still waiting on grandchild number two.

Last minute chrissy pressy? Romantic songs for wife or girlfriend(have you fallen out again?) ? Soft rock to relax to? Puzzled guitar music to chill/get stressed to? Freaky stuff to unravel your brain cells? Clever and adult lyrics? Ping pong guitar music? Rock snobbery? Whatever you want it's probably somewhere within our eclectic range : Try buy some of our stuff (you'll get it in a few weeks -kidding!) or try a download and squeeze us into a tiny mp3 player or piepod - we're on loads of providers,, napster, rapsody, audiolunchbox, (to many to list) - in the UK buy the CDs from BURBs or CDReeves or email us at and we might even reply.

PS this blog is getting many more hits than I ever thought it would - thank you, please leave a comment, review a CD or song, or whatever...

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