Thursday, December 30, 2004

New baby number two!

28th December a second grandchild has arrived into the world. Elijah Jonathan all here and complete at a bigish 7 pounds and with a full head of dark hair- a cousin for Taylor Lewis who arrived in November. These two boys are of course fantastic and make me wonder why on earth I was moaning like I was on Boxing day - I am a happy if slightly misguided grandpa who is very proud of them and their parents and their uncles and aunts!

So I guess impossible songs needs to get up some inspiration, ideas, flipchart moments, creative juices and whatever it takes to produce some top quality material to capture these moving we'll get busy right now:

Interested in Fairy Tale Management Theory?
CDs scapes, heartburst, social enterprise or siatb??
Want your life changed?
Want to buy or commission some top quality art work?

Get in touch with us - all details/links/sales/info on so go and explore a bit.

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