Monday, December 27, 2004

Boxing Day

Happy boxing day, whatever it's about... the industry that is Christmas rolls on in a pretend holiday, shop and drop, drive and survive, spend the money you don't quite have and try to be polite somehow.

These aspects of modern life are there only to be tolerated (just), not enjoyed, they are not pleasant, but for some they seem to be the justification for an existance - and I fully understand that. Everybody likes to get stuff, even us...

Today we have a new collie dog in our lives, sitting by the TV, looking at a pigs ear in a silver dish, surrounded by other similar stuffed (Christmas themed toys). We have taken in this stray, this refugee, how exactly he will behave and fit into our family we don't know, but he likes riding in the car...

But beyond these walls not a lot has changed: Other wars are being fought elsewhere, personalities are clashing, egos are interrupted, hurt spills out, and there is not much peace on earth - as far as I can see. Don't let it get you down. There are better days ahead.

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