Sunday, February 13, 2005

$aving Europe

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$aving Europe

A dying breed from yesterday
The heavens opened and took them away
The crows did a fine flying display
We promised to live eternally

The people march then pound the door
The common views are heard no more
Celebrity and trivia run the show
While we lay back, go with the flow.

The Polit bureau face to face
Smile as they conquer, fill each parking space
Their greatest hits, accomplished grace
All bend and scrape to take their place.

You drunken, smoking bastard yobs
Expect degrees and cushy jobs
This country once was run by snobs
Or held to account by angry mobs.

Then with their weapons set to stun
The troops are marshalled in Belgium
They out manoeuvre everyone
And pledge their loyalty to the sun.

Don’t fall in love with just any whore
You pay everything, but she wants more
And take the money from the night before
As you look out the window, she’s out the door.

We’ve tailored you a future bright
With enterprise and shining light
Our yes means no, our no means shite
Believe them or just what you like.

The golden isle, this home of law
The backbone of the planet’s flaws
We gave religion, doubt, guilt and god
We don’t know why, we say “because….”

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