Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Review - 27/01/05

Thanks to Scott for writing this rather nice review from an evening at OOTB - Edinburgh's No1 live singer/songwriter night. Waverley Bar (upstairs) 27th Jan 05. As ever gives more info.

Scott @OOTB -27/01/05

"Impossible Songs then stormed onstage for their first showing of the year; well, John sort of whinged his way up, saying he used to be able to sing, play and have hair like Rob's... He can still rock with the best of them, though, as he proved by kicking into ‘Cold Fish, IS's dual-vocal groove, and proclaimed "let's go and have an accident" (this song, and the cross-legged thousands, were actually the inspiration for the second break). Ali then, after a moment of making sure all was well in the voice department, took centre stage for the well-oiled 'Happy Like', introduced by John as 'a song about train-riding in Japan on Prozac". There's quite a chilling aspect to the sound of this track, which the “kamikaze”-based vocals bear out ( "liked the food, liked the trains, baby, turned really strange"), and John worked some nice wee showboating 'jelly' rolls into the chorus as well. Final song was 'Dancing', which can be obtained for free, if the Impossibles have promo discs with them; a song about insecurities and inter-relationship gamesmanship, Ali warns "the wolf in sheep's clothing", that she "might wear you down and out with my love" (wolves are in for a hard time tonight, as you'll discover...). Another passionate vocal from Ms Hutton."

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